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French lessons

Your private French teacher in Lyon, France

You would like to study French because it has always been a dream of yours? You need to learn French for business purposes? You are living in a French speaking country and would like to understand and to be understood? You are a beginner or intermediate? Or you would love to learn more than you already have?

Let me help you!

Individual lessons


Face to face lessons with your teacher at a time that suits you and with a content especially designed for your needs.

Small Groups

Small groups

You would like to study French with your friends or colleagues? Groups of up to 4 people.



Individual lessons on the web (Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.). During your lunch break, after work, on weekends. Whenever you are ready!

Your first lesson for free!

Because if we want to effectively work together, we have to know each other first and talk about your goals and expectations. Together, we create a study plan and think about the best way for you to improve on your French and to work at your own pace.

𑁋 NEW 𑁋

Personalised Culture Oriented French Lessons

Lyon... with a twist!

  • Fan of architecture?
  • A particular historic period admirer?
  • Jazz aficionado?
  • Whatever your passion is, share it with me!
  • I will adapt the visit to you and make sure you get the most of it!

The Best of Lyon!

  • Where can you find the best view?
  • What theater burnt twice, but was beautifully restored and is now one of the most admired places in Lyon?
  • What is a "traboule" and where can you find one?
  • All the best features Lyon has to offer!

𑁋 NEW 𑁋

Personalised Cuisine Oriented French Lessons

Eat & Drink

  • Coffee break over phone?
  • Business lunch at your favorite restaurant?
  • Rooftop apéritif?
  • Whenever you can (breakfast, lunch, teatime, etc.) and wherever you want (online or face to face in Lyon).

Market & Picnic

  • Beautiful colors,
  • Amazing taste,
  • The freshest products!
  • Who wouldn't love to visit a typical French outdoor market and have a picnic afterwards in one of many gorgeous spots in Lyon?

Who's your teacher?

Alicja Prusaczyk

  • Qualified

    I have a Master's degree in English and another one in French as a Foreign Language.

  • Experienced

    I have been a French teacher for a while now (in France and abroad) and I am really enjoying it.

  • Understanding

    I will meet your desires and tailor each class to match what matters to you most.

  • Flexible

    I will adapt my schedule to yours and meet you at the place and time most convenient for you.

  • Interested

    Interested you and your improvement, but also in my personal enrichment. Regular cinema and museum goer, new tastes and places explorer.

Alicja Prusaczyk
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  • Avant, j'avais eu quelques professeurs de français, mais elle était sans doute la meilleure [...]

    Eduardo, Brésil
  • As a teacher Alicja is very professional and went above and beyond [...]

    Theresa, Australia
  • Alicja is a lovely person with a big smile and huge skills on teaching. She managed to make our 15-year-old skater boy enjoy French and love her lessons. Thank you Alicja :-)

    Petter & Nina, Norway
  • Great dynamics, teaching technics and a person that enjoys her job is what will wait for you if you decide to choose her. [...]

    Patricia, Venezuela
  • Alicja is a highly skilled, dynamic, and compassionate instructor. [...]

    Cate, USA
  • My learning curve was much higher than expected, a lot thanks to her teaching method. [...]

    Guilherme, Brasil
  • Alicja is a great and creative instructor. Her ability to understand your learning style and adapt her teaching accordingly accelerated my learning of French.

    Funso, USA/Nigeria
  • So glad I chose her for this experience. [...]

    Maureen, Australia
  • I would defiantly recommend her if you are looking for a private tutor. [...]

    Jess, Australia
  • Alicja was excellent. Recommend to any level of student who wants to improve French. [...]

    Michelle, USA
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Your private French teacher in Lyon, France.